Like it was yesterday

Repair, colourise and print old photos.


Old photos may have damages that interfer with an image that else would look good.

With careful touch, most damages kan be repaired. The restoration work is done with full respect for the original photo.


When colourised, the image feels more real, and you connect better with the past. Sometimes it even feels like it was made yesterday.

Full research on clothings, buildings and background stories are done in advance. The colourised photo is a representation of how we think it may have looked like.


On canvas, aluminum or plexi plate

Sizes from 20×30 cm to 80×120 cm, portrait or landscape formats. The best quality, and solid materials. Also printed with UV resistant ink.


Fantastiska färgläggningar av gamla vackra
Gives me great joy to see how my ancestors looked, everything become so real. Thanks to the colours. Thank you!