Your Image

DSC_1761_smallA picture of your ancestor on the wall is a fine way to show off your roots. And the image is with you through your life.

A colourised picture is however a even more fine thing. When coloured, your ancestor seems to be much closer to you, and closer to our present time. Their appearance is much clearer when coloured.

I offer you a colourised image of your ancestor. Mail me your image in high resolution, I colourise it and send it to you as a printed image, ready to put up on the wall.
No order will be placed before you see the final result, and accept. You decide for yourself the image size and type of underlayer.
Use the Contact info to get in touch with me, and I will reply.

With your purchase, a smaller digital copy of the image will be sent to you.

I also have other photos for sale, that has been colourised previously. You find them on Instagram at @colourmypast and

In short

Printed on different underlays: canvas; foam plastics; aluminium; plexi glass; and woodwork.
UV-resistant HP Latex-ink of highest quality. Withstands direct sun without fading over time.

Portrait, landscape or square
You will receive an email with a watermarked smaller image, and will be asked to reply to accept.
The order will then be made.

Invoice will be emailed. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
Different underlay give different prices.
Ask for prices!

I deliver physical images to several countries (Basically in Nordic countries)!